Prop Shop

Welcome to the Prop Shop. Not everyone has the pleasure of attending our limited annual Gathering so we wanted to share some additional videos and photos of our creations and props to hopefully inspire your home haunt as many have done for us. For us it all started with a Halloween fence and some green lighting in our front yard but soon grew into a monster of its own. We now make over our entire home an throw one of the best Halloween parties around. Each year it is our goal to out do ourselves and so far so good.  Be sure to visit for a community full of inspiration. I am no Yale Gracey but I do my best!

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A few of items from our prized collection of purchased and handmade props including our most prized item, the hand built Haunted Mansion Demon Clock.

Haunte Mansion Demon Clock Replica

Replica of the Demon Clock from the Haunted Mansion at Disnelyand

A 2012 addition. As a  tribute to our Favorite Haunted Mansion, we invited some familiar ghosts. This was our initial test. A major update is on it’s way for our 2013 Gathering. See below.

2013 Edition of the Grim Grinning Ghosts