About Us

What is HalloweenTown Gathering and what is this site for?

HalloweenTown Gathering is the name we came up with for our annual Halloween Party. It has been our goal to grow our party each year and now that we are approaching our fourth year, we have come a long way. What started with a few homemade props and decorations, has grown to what we’d like to think of as a bit of Disney. The response from neighbors, friends, and family, has been the biggest motivator. Having been an entertainer for over 20 years and working many public events with my father, I developed a passion for creating and entertaining, and what better of a way to express creativity and entertain than planning a party that was more of an experience than a party. Being heavily influenced by Disney it has been my goal to create an immersive, fun, and visually stunning environment. One that is enjoyable for all ages. It was my dream to work for Disney as an Imagineer. Since I never pursued that job and I couldn’t build my own Disney, I decided we could at least have a part of it. Between the influence of the Haunted Mansion Attraction and the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, we have developed our own monster. Since our only limiting factors are the size of our home and wallet, we enlist the help of friends like Easley’s Funshop and JPROStudios.com whom have contributed greatly to our Haunt. The majority of our decor is home built to achieve a specific look and each year we devote many hours to keep growing and improving.

Now what is the point of the website? Well just another addition that allows us to communicate with our guests and share videos and photos of years past. It also allows us to add functions like our RSVP form which tends to be much more reliable than E-vites. If the website is lacking info or you’d like to see more, we are always open to constructive feedback so let us know via our contact form. Yet another useful website feature.

So there you have it in a nutshell.